perfectionists big mistake in real estate investment

The fundamental reason why “perfectionists” are more likely to make a big mistake in real estate investment

When it comes to real estate investment, there is almost no perfect property. If you want perfection, you can’t start in the first place.


In the world of real estate investment, it is often said that purchasing the first building is the most difficult. The more you study, the more you fall into a trap that you can’t buy. You should have an advisor that suits you.


  • Suitable for “delicate individuals” and “legit individuals” 


On the contrary, there are people who are suitable for real estate investment. There are many individuals who leave “mochi to a mochi shop”. Also, I have the impression that many people who are quick to judge and act, who are honest, and who have a willingness to learn will succeed. The reason why people with such a personality are more likely to succeed is that real estate investment is, so to speak, an “information warfare”.


To get good information, you have to get suggestions from a real estate company that has good information. People, not just salespeople at real estate companies, want to tell people who are quick to respond, honest, and willing to learn when good information comes. As a result, it is easier for people with that personality to get good information.


For example, suppose there are multiple people with an annual income of 30 million yen. If everyone can propose the same information under the same conditions, that is not the case. The other person provides information by looking at the mind, such as whether the person is a sincere person as a businessman, social, not looking from above, motivated to learn, honest and decisive. Determine if.


In other words, it is desirable to have someone who can form a good partnership with the other person. If you can do it with a three-legged race like this, you can say that it is also suitable for real estate investment.

Think of a “clear life plan” rather than an ambiguous goal

The reaction to the request “What are you doing land for? Will turn into a vital rule for long haul land speculation.



Even with the sweet feelings of “because I’m worried about future money” and “because the people around me are starting”, I can start if I try to start, but in order to continue for a long time, not only the goal but also more It would be better if the previous life plan was also clear.


From the point of view of the author who runs a real estate company, even if he just says “I want a good property”, I sometimes wonder “Why?”


What are you doing real estate investment for? To put it the other way around, if you just want to make more money, you don’t have to choose real estate investment. Nevertheless, those who invest in real estate have clear answers such as “how much do you want to earn”, “want to make this much assets”, and “want to protect existing assets”. The clearer that point is, the more trouble you may encounter or the more you may not be able to achieve your goals without giving up.

Real estate investment can also change the standard of living

Real estate investment can dramatically change your standard of living. Take, for example, a family of four who are in their 40s, have an annual income of about 8 million yen, and have two children.


When two children go to a private university or high school, the wallet situation is very difficult. Therefore, by investing in real estate, it is assumed that an additional 3 to 5 million yen will be added annually. This is a concrete measure for thinking about life planning, and the level of daily life changes.


Some people in their 20s have an annual income of 6-8 million yen and want to increase this to 20-30 million yen. What if that person earns an additional 3 to 5 million yen more than now? How you go through your cash will change.


What sort of everyday routine would you like to experience?For that purpose, how much do you want to increase your annual income? The clearer this is, the more energy and guidance you will have in investing in real estate and the more you will support.



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