Role of Real Estate Brokerage Services

Introducing real estate brokerage services that you may or may not know.

Total support for real estate sales activities

A real estate “intermediary” service is a service in which a real estate company stands between the seller and the buyer to support the closing of a sale. In “intermediary”, the seller and the intermediary company first consult and decide the sale price of the property based on the assessed price. Then, the intermediary company conducts sales activities such as advertising on behalf of the seller to find the most suitable purchase applicant. By intervening an intermediary company that is an expert in real estate distribution between individuals, various desired conditions of sellers and buyers can be adjusted, and transactions can be realized smoothly.

Real estate brokers are reliable for both sellers and buyers

What are the benefits of using an intermediary company? First of all, in order to sell real estate, you need to find a buyer who will buy you in the best possible conditions. For that purpose, it is necessary to develop sales and promotion activities that cannot be done by individuals, such as insert leaflets and advertisements in housing magazines and websites. Next, it is necessary to formulate an appropriate sales strategy by assessing the status of owned properties, the surrounding market conditions, and trends of prospective buyers. In doing so, it is necessary to have a professional eye that understands the surrounding market and proposes an appropriate selling price.

In addition, the intermediary company also provides support on the buyer’s side, which in turn leads to the benefits of the seller. The intermediary company will also confirm and follow up whether you are a buyer who has no problems with loans and taxes related to real estate purchases. In this way, the intermediary company is in an important position as a third party to properly protect the interests of both parties, and is indispensable for the successful sale.

High valuation price is not good

An intermediary company assesses the price of real estate, but it is a good idea to choose a company just because it has a high price. Unlike the purchase valuation price of cars, etc., the valuation price offered by the intermediary company is not the amount that can be sold at that price, but the “saleable price” judged from the condition, location, market conditions, etc. of the property. is. When requesting valuations from multiple companies, it is easy to choose the company with the highest valuation price, but in some cases, the real estate company that underestimates offers a more realistic price. The higher the valuation, the higher the sales.

In addition, when the brokerage company presents the appraisal price, it also proposes a sale plan that matches the property and the seller’s desired conditions. You should be able to achieve a satisfactory sale by considering the content of the proposal at the time of sale, not just the assessed price.

You can see the role and importance of the brokerage company in the sale of real estate. When selling real estate, it is a good idea to first consult with a real estate company that is an expert in selling real estate.


The six companies that operate Suma Value should be able to offer the best proposals according to the circumstances of the property and the seller.

Even if you are selling real estate for the first time, you will be able to realize a safe and convincing sale.

Preparation before assessment 3 points

You can easily apply for a desk assessment via the Internet, etc., and you do not need to make any major preparations. However, when it comes to home visit assessments, it is ideal for the seller to provide as much information as possible.

Here, I will explain the points that you should prepare well when requesting a visit assessment, in three parts.

  1. Preparation of property information

Regardless of the land or building, it may not be possible for a real estate agent to tell at a glance what kind of circumstances the real estate has been in its current state. Therefore, it is important to grasp the property information in advance before the assessment and prepare so that you can explain it firmly.

  1. Document preparation

In a visit assessment, you will not be able to get a successful assessment unless you provide the real estate agent with accurate information about the property to be sold and documents certifying them.

First of all, the documents required regardless of whether it is a detached house or condominium include identity verification documents such as a driver’s license, a sales contract at the time of purchase, and an explanation of important matters. It will be smooth if you prepare your own property tax payment notice.

  1. Check about repairs and remodeling

Expensive remodeling and house cleaning are not essential at the time of assessment and sale, but it is ideal to confirm and consult whether it will be necessary in the future from the assessment stage.

Even if you do the remodeling etc. with full satisfaction in advance, it is not always possible to sell it with the cost added firmly, so if you rush to invest the cost, you may lose a lot.

Of course, in the case of real estate that has a negative factor that discourages the buyer’s purchasing motivation, it is best to repair it in advance, but if it is minor, on the contrary, the buyer likes it after purchase. It is also possible to fix it like this.



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