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Sydney Real Estate & Investment Properties

What is Westmead like?

Westmead is a city that has evolved with a large hospital, located 26km west of central Sydney.

There are Westmead Hospital, Westmead Children’s Hospital, Westmead Private Hospital and other medical facilities in the city, and many hospital staff come and go every day.

Westmead is one stop west of Parramatta, the largest city in western Sydney (more affordable than Parramatta), 35 minutes by train to the city, and about 20 minutes to the city when the light rail opens in the future. It’s a very convenient location because of the distance.


In addition, a complex called IQ (Innovation Quarter), which will be a center for world-class research, business and innovation, is currently under construction for 2021, including shops, supermarkets and restaurants, and Westmead has developed. It is said to be the centerpiece of. There is also a branch campus of Western Sydney University, which is part of this project.

Because of this environment, there are good schools in NSW that rank high in school performance.


Recommended new property

The property we are introducing is a 2-minute walk to Westmead Station and a 2-minute walk to the future Light Rail Station.

The exterior is chic and blends in with the surroundings. It is divided into Building A and Building B, and Building A is currently complete.


Unit interior

Currently, the first building A has already been completed, and I have seen some properties.

This is a two bedroom, but the interior is nice and spacious.


In addition, the one bedroom is compact and flooring, and the price is very attractive.


An example of the price is Building A.

1 bed + 1 bath + 1 car (57 sqm + 10 sqm wafer = total 67sqm) $ 625,000 (approx. 46 million yen, as of June 20, 2020)

1 bed + 1 bath + 1 car (65 sqm + 32 sqm wafer = total 97sqm) $ 670,000 (approx. 49 million yen, as of June 20, 2020)

It has become.


Building B, which is scheduled to be completed a year later in mid-2021, is now available for off-the-plan purchase.

Studio apartment + no car (45 sqm + 10 sqm balcony = total 50sqm) From $ 455,000 (approx. 33 million yen, as of June 20, 2020)

1 bed, 1 bath, 1 car (51 sqm + 10 sqm wafer = total 61sqm) From $ 545,000 (approx. 40 million yen, as of June 20, 2020)

2 beds + 2 bath + 1 car (75 sqm + 10 sqm wafer = total 85sqm) From $ 755,000 (approx. 55 million yen, as of June 20, 2020)


Studio unit $ 455,000 Floor plan example


1 bedroom unit $ 545,000 Floor plan example


With the distance to the city and the opening of the light rail four years later, it is an area that is expected to develop steadily in the future.

Considering the surrounding environment including the hospital, it is a highly recommended property for you to live on your own or as an investment.

The other day, I went to visit a new property in Liverpool.


What is Liverpool like?

Liverpool is a major city in the area, about 27km southwest of central Sydney, and feels more laid back than central Sydney.


It’s now about an hour by train to the city and about 30 minutes to Parramatta, the largest city in western Sydney.

In the future, the construction of Metro Rail will cut the time to the city by about half.


The Georges River runs by the city, there is plenty of greenery, and there are many parks, open spaces, and sports grounds throughout the city.


Recommended new construction unit

Although it is a newly built property completed in Liverpool, it will be a medium-sized condominium with a total of 134 units.

Since it is an 8-story building, it is okay for those who are not good at high-rise buildings.


The unit to be introduced is located on Level 3 (4th floor in Japan), facing north and very bright (south facing in Japan), and there is access to the courtyard from the large terrace, so small children can play on the terrace and courtyard. You can do it, and it’s perfect if you have a pet. Even if you live in a unit, this large terrace and courtyard gives you a feeling of liberation.


The open plan living room, modern kitchen, 2 bedrooms, all flooring, and study area.


With this layout (2 beds + 2 bathrooms + 1 parking lot), the price of $ 480,000 (JPY about 33 million, as of May 5, 2020) is very good!

(In Sydney today, you can’t buy a studio room at this price in the city center or in the suburbs.)


Surrounding charm, future development

Opposite this unit is Pepper Mill, a stylish dining area renovated from a 150-year-old heritage building.

A new spot where you can enjoy cafes, modern international cuisine and gourmet food.


There is also a large Westfield shopping center, Liverpool Hospital, in front of the station, with plans to upgrade the University of Wollongong and the Liverpool campus of Western Sydney University in the future.


Construction of Western Sydney International Airport is also planned for 2026, and Liverpool as a relay base (hub) is expected to further develop and develop infrastructure in the future.


Our recommended points

In Sydney, where real estate prices have skyrocketed, this is highly recommended as a property that can be purchased at a reasonable price and with a view to the future.


First-home buyers can get a $ 10,000 grant (new construction, up to $ 600,000), as well as Stamp Duty exemptions and discounts (up to $ 800,000).


There are also plans for $ 650,000 for 3 bedrooms (JPY about 44 million, as of May 5, 2020) and plans for 2 beds and 1 bedroom.



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