How to Hire the best Real Estate Agent

How to Hire the best Real Estate Agent

What to Look for When Hiring a [City] Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re purchasing or selling a home, you’ll want to make sure you have a [city] real estate agent with years of experience and plenty of expertise. Below are a few guidelines to follow when looking to hire the perfect property professional.

Find out if they are full-time or P.

You want a full-time REALTORÒ working for you. If he or she is part time and you have to wait until his or her day job is over before placing your bid, then you could miss out on your dream home within a matter of hours. You want your professional’s focus to be in the property game, so that he or she knows what’s on the market, what’s a smart investment and what’s in your best interest.

Make sure he or she is working for you.

You will be the one paying your [city] real estate agent, so make sure he or she does the work. Ask potential REALTORSÒ what marketing strategies they’ll use to promote your home. If looking to buy, ask how many homes they estimate they can send your way each week. You’re paying them to do the research, so make sure they’re planning to do it.

Look at their Multiple Listing Service (MLS) pages.

All REALTORSÒ have access to the MLS site to list properties on. Ask to see their current listings, so you can evaluate how they’ll market your home. This is the first place many buyers and property professionals go to search for homes for sale, so make sure your REALTOR’SÒ listings stand out.

Check their references.

Many homebuyers and sellers ask for these credentials, but never actually follow up. Call each reference to see what their experience was like; you’ll be surprised at some people’s frankness.

Don’t just settle on the first [city] real estate agent you find in the phonebook! Search for an expert whose standards will match your investment. If you’re looking for a new home or getting ready to put your house on the market, please call me at [phone] or email me at [email] for more information.


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