Explains the procedure to sell a house

Explains the procedure to sell a house

Selling a home is not something you will experience so many times in your life. Therefore, many people may not know what to start with. But when it comes to selling a home, a lot of money will move. I would like to firmly hold down the procedure and precautions before the sale in advance.

Ideally, you should sell your home well, with the support of a trusted real estate agent, avoiding unexpected troubles or losses. So, this time, I will explain the procedure, procedure, and tax when selling a house.

Steps to sell a home

Real estate doesn’t sell right away when you want to sell it. It’s important to understand that it can take some time, as it requires a number of steps. First of all, let’s look at the procedure while also considering the precautions on how to sell a house.

  • Make a schedule

As a premise, let’s assume that it will take 3 months to 6 months as a guide, and a maximum of 9 months from the start of the assessment to the actual delivery.

It may take about 1 to 4 weeks from the assessment to the presentation of the amount, and up to about half a year from the price negotiation after the amount is presented with the real estate agent to the conclusion of the sales contract with the purchaser. After the sales contract, after various preparations such as mortgage loan examination and receipt of deposit, let’s wait for about 1 to 2 months until the final delivery.

If the house to be sold is a condominium, the land is not attached, so the assessment points are easy to understand, and delivery may be completed in about two months at the earliest. On the other hand, in the case of a detached house, it takes more time to sell than an apartment because it requires time-consuming work such as land surveying.

Of course, depending on the property and conditions, it may be possible to sell it sooner. In particular, the demand for moving will increase from January to March, when a new life begins, and from September to October, which is the time for personnel changes, so there is a high possibility that the discussion will be completed in a short period of time.

However, the buyer cannot be found unless the seller puts it up for sale. In addition, it is common to consult with a real estate agent about the conditions for selling. So, if you want to sell your home, it’s important to take action as soon as possible.

  • Check the market price

When selling a house, the seller is free to decide the price. However, if it is too expensive, it will be difficult for the buyer to find it, and if it is too cheap, you do not want to lose it. In order to sell a house efficiently, it is essential to know the market price close to the real estate you want to sell.

  1. Check for yourself

Land comprehensive information system

On the site operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the latest 5 years’ worth of questionnaire results on contract information such as prices and conditions actually traded for land and buildings are published.

REINS Market Information

(Rains Market Information)

This is a site by the “Real Estate Distribution Organization” that operates a network that can only be used by real estate brokers. The contract information for the last one year and the statistical information for the two years are published in detail in tables and graphs.

  1. Check on the real estate lump sum assessment site

With the real estate valuation site, you can quickly valuate the real estate you want to sell for free. Since you can request assessments from multiple companies, you can see how much the real estate agent actually sets the selling price, and you can grasp the market price in more detail.

At Suma Value, you can request assessments from six major companies in the real estate distribution industry at once. Not only the market price information that is open to the public, but also the data and know-how that each company has is used for the assessed price, so it can be used for the market price.

Explain the flow of real estate sales

  1. Request an assessment

It is recommended to ask multiple companies for the assessment. In that case, you can efficiently grasp the appropriate valuation amount by using the lump sum valuation. In addition, there are two types of assessment: simple assessment (desk assessment) and detailed assessment (visit assessment).

What is a simple assessment (desk assessment)?

This is a method to calculate the approximate appraisal price of the real estate to be sold by using neighboring contract cases and evaluation data.

What kind of points can be seen in the simple assessment (desk assessment)?

We will make an assessment based on transaction data such as contract cases and public valuations (publicly announced prices, road prices, etc.), taking into account the perspective of size and age. Since the assessment is made by referring to various data, detailed information on the floor plan and the current situation will improve the accuracy of the simple assessment.

Advantages of simple assessment (desk assessment)

You can easily make an assessment even if you don’t have time, because you can proceed with the assessment just by applying from the Internet. This is useful when you want to check the assessed prices of multiple companies.

Disadvantages of simple assessment (desk assessment)

Since it is a simple assessment, it does not reflect detailed situations and conditions that cannot be understood without looking at the site. In reality, even if you sell it at a higher price, it may sell, and vice versa. Be careful not to sell it as it is with the amount of money in the simple assessment.


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