Real estate buying and selling procedure and period

Real estate buying and selling procedure and period

Next, I will explain the flow and period of real estate sales.

Flow and period of real estate sale

The main flow and guideline period for selling real estate are as follows.

Step 1

Assessment request-presentation of amount    [1-4 weeks]

Step 2

Select a real estate agent and conclude an intermediary contract         [1-3 months]

Step 3

Indication of intention to conclude from sale  [Up to 3 months]

Step 4

Condition negotiation / sales contract conclusion / delivery     [Within 1 week]

Step 5

Settlement & delivery  [1-2 months]

Generally, it takes about 3 to 9 months from the start of the sale activity to the completion of the delivery. However, please note that depending on the case, the above flow may not always be followed.

Real estate purchase flow and period

Next, the main flow and guideline period when purchasing real estate are as follows.

Step 1

Determining desired conditions such as purchase budget, area, and floor plan            [1-2 months]

Step 2

Property search / financial planning     [1-2 months]

Step 3

Local preview, condition negotiation, purchase application

Step 4

Concluded sales contract and mortgage contract          [2 weeks to 1 month]

Step 5

delivery           [1 month]

In this way, in general, the period from the start of purchase preparation to the completion of delivery is about two and a half to four months, but it may be difficult to find the desired property, so consider it as a guide only.

Flow of real estate sale [Real estate sale consultation and assessment / company selection]

Here, we will explain how to use and select a real estate agent that will be your partner in the sale of real estate.

  • Make a sale plan

First, make a sale plan by organizing the purpose of the sale, the deadline for the sale, the required amount of take-back, and other desired conditions.

  • Request for assessment

Next, ask multiple real estate agents to assess the property.

There are two types of property assessments: “desk assessment” and “visit assessment”.

Desk assessment: This is a method of assessing based on the property outline and transaction data without actually looking at the real estate, and it can be said that it is suitable for people who are considering selling.

Visit assessment: It is recommended for those who are considering selling concretely because it is a method of actually checking the local situation and assessing it based on the property outline and transaction data.

Choosing a real estate agent to avoid failure

Next, I will explain how to choose a real estate agent that will not fail.

When selling, the question is whether a “major real estate agent” or a “small and medium-sized real estate agent” is better, but the characteristics of each are as follows.

A major real estate agency … It is well known and has a well-developed support system and system, so you can trust the sale of real estate with confidence.

Small and medium-sized real estate agency … Because we have information closely related to the area, we may be good at selling techniques unique to that area.

Not only selecting a company, but also selecting a person in charge is an important factor.

The point of judgment is whether you have a wealth of information about the area around the property and whether the explanation about the assessed price and sales activities is concrete and clear.

When selling real estate, it is not always necessary for a real estate agent to intervene in the transaction.

However, since buying and selling real estate is a high-priced transaction, most people ask a real estate agent to mediate in order to ensure the security of the transaction for the buyer.

The flow of real estate sale [decision of real estate brokerage company/conclusion of brokerage contract]

After receiving assessments from multiple real estate brokers, we will determine the real estate broker to actually request the brokerage of the sale based on the points of selecting the real estate broker in the previous chapter, and conclude the brokerage contract.

There are three types of mediation contracts, “dedicated mediation contract”, “dedicated mediation contract”, and “general mediation contract”, and the features and differences of each are as shown in the table below.

It is a point to worry about which contract type to choose from the above three types of brokerage contracts, but if you can find a reliable real estate brokerage company and a person in charge, you can either “dedicated brokerage contract” or “dedicated brokerage contract”. It is a good idea to conclude a “contract”.

This is because we can expect the real estate agent’s extensive sales activities and generous support, and it is possible to sell it quickly and reliably.

Please note that you will be required to conclude a “general mediation contract” when requesting mediation of purchases.



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